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Dr. Elvin Nyukuri - Non-Resident Research Fellow


Dr. Elvin Nyukuri is a researcher in climate change adaptation, resilience and social protection. She is also a Lecturer at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy (CASELAP)-University of Nairobi where she is developing a course curriculum on Environmental diplomacy. For nearly a decade, Elvin actively engaged in multi-disciplinary research including environmental governance and policy, climate change, and food security while working at African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS).

At ACTS she coordinated the International Agricultural Assessment for Science and Technology Development (IAASTD)-sub-Saharan Africa, Community Based Adaptation to climate change(CBA), Ecological sources of conflict in the Horn and East Africa, Pan-African Programme on Land and Resource rights, and the CLACC mentorship programme for East Africa. Elvin has consulted for various international organizations including the AU, UN IIED and International universities. She continues to inform policy through research and teaching.