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New Publications: Special Issue Papers, Natural Resource Economies Africa


State of Environment Rapid Assessment (SoERA):
Development of a Tool for Framing and Managing
Urban Environmental and Social Challenges
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The Promise of Entrepreneurship for the Future Development
of Factor-Driven Economies in Africa
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Foreign Investment in Land and Corporate Social
Responsibility: An Investigation for Africa
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Orchestrating Environmental Sustainability in Regional Trade
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Balancing Extractive Activities and Biodiversity 
Conservation in the Congo Basin:Opportunities for
Green Growth
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Agricultural Expansion and Water Pollution: The Yin-Yang in the
Quality of Natural Water Resources
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A Circular Economy Approach to Agro-Biodiversity
Conservation in the Souss Massa Region of Morocco:
Project Case-Study
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Conventional vs. Ecological Economics Perspectives in Valuation
of Ecosystem Services in East Africa
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Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities of
Generating Biogas from Water Hyacinth in Ndunga
Village, Kenya
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Establishing Human Rights Safeguards for Foreign Investments in
Africa: Redefining Rights to Promote Gender Equality in the Natural
Resources Sector
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