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Trans-boundary  Water Management Training (TWM)

The Integrated Transboundary Water Resources Management for the Lake Victoria Basin is a training programme targeting middle to high level personnel working on water issues that are Transboundary in nature. This is a 5 year project funded by Sida and implemented through partnership between Ramboll Natura, ACTS and SEI. 2010/2011 was the 5th and last phase of the project. The focus of this training is Lake Victoria, whose waters are contributed to by 5 nations in the eastern Africa region. These countries are Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.


The overall objective is to help participants identify the advantages with collaborative transboundary water management strategies and the application of such strategies.

Specific objectives

  • Improve the participants’ ability and skills in transboundary water resource management.
  • Enhance the participants’ institutions effectiveness in transboundary water resources management.
  • Support on-going processes in transboundary water resources management.

Partners and Responsibilities

Stockholm Environmental Institute - Communication strategy 
Ramboll Natura AB -grant management 
Rwanda Environmental Management Authority 

Funding-- SIDA