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Disability & Urban Agriculture - An Innovative Approach

The Centre collaborated with Leonard Chesire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, University College London (UCL) and Real Impact to carry out research to explore the livelihoods of persons with disability and their opportunities in urban agriculture. The project period was March 2012 - Dec 2012. This research project was a component of the DFID funded Cross Cutting Research Programme. Although it was supposed to come to an end in 2012, some of the activities continued in 2013. The project output included 1 draft policy brief, project completion report, 2 workshops reports. The successful completion of this project has continued to attract further collaborative activities like the recent submission of a proposal for DFID-ESRC funding entitled “Disability, Poverty and Inequality”.

ACTS staff benefitted from internal and external capacity building involving understanding of social inclusion aspects of development projects.

Some of the achievements in 2013 include:

  • 1 background paper on “Disability and Urban Agriculture – An innovative approach”;
  • 1 presentation by ACTS staff on “Perspectives of Policy Makers on persons with disability (PWD) & agriculture and opportunities for inclusion”
  • 1 draft policy brief on “Perspectives of Policy Makers on PWD & agriculture and opportunities for inclusion”
  • 1 Key informants Interview report
  • 1 project completion report
  • The project also resulted in the consequent submission of a proposal ESRC-DFID joint fund for poverty alleviation research 2013 call on “Examining the Disability and Development Gap: poverty, disability and inequality in four African countries – addressing the barriers to inclusion” in collaboration with Leonard Cheshire Disability And Inclusive Development Centre, University College London
  • ACTS staff also participated in the evaluation interview for the DFID-CCDRP projects. This was geared towards enhancing the success of the general CCDRP projects