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Empowering People & Nature - Greening the Fisheries

This project has been initiated by ACTS and Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI) under the theme “greening the fisheries”. It was supported through ELCI and although it was initiated between March 2013 – November 2013, it will take several years to be implemented.  The overall aim of this project is to conduct research to inform the security of livelihood of fishing communities in Homa Bay, Busia, Siaya and Kisumu Counties and how this can be improved through sustainable utilization of the fisheries resource. ACTS plays a key role in gathering relevant data in improved firewood kilns. ACTS also explores the possibilities of solar driers for fish processing in a bid to greening the fishery economy and lead in delivery of relevant technology appropriate to the local communities.

Some of the achievements this far include:

  • 10 improved burners were installed in two counties – Homabay and Siaya and successfully conducted efficiency test involving 120 stakeholders out of which three quarters were women.
  • A survey was conducted on bionergy in four counties (Kisumu, Busia, Homabay and Siaya) leading to a status report.
  • I workshop that brought together 29 key stakeholders among the fish folk and energy subsector.