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Piloting scalable models for clean energy access

This is an action-research project being undertaken by ACTS through the DFID-TERI partnership. It Started in Oct 2012 and is expected to end in July 2015. The aim is to pilot models that can be scaled for provision of clean lighting and improved cook stove solutions for poor households in Kenya.  This is being done through a review of existing technological solutions and business/delivery models as well as identifying barriers to the promotion of clean energy options. Some of the achievements in 2013 include:

  • ACTS staff carried out water boiling test for the TERI gasifier stove in collaboration with SCODE, Nakuru. Several stakeholders participated in the testing exercise.
  • 5 meetings were convened n different locations involving local partners to steer project development. New partners were enlisted during the meetings.
  • ACTS staff visited Ikisaya Energy Centre, Oyola and Wakesi in Kitui and Kisumu for monitoring and evaluation.
  • ACTS in collaboration with SCODE facilitated the fabrication of 5 gasifiers cook stoves.
  • ACTS coordinated and facilitated the field trial of gasifiers cook stoves and collection of feedback.  User feedback was obtained from 5 households.
  • Worked closely with SCODE, Generic energy and Sun transfer companies on developing business plans for distribution and marketing of improved cook stoves. 3 draft BPs were developed (SCODE, Generic energy Sun transfer).  The ultimate aim is for each of the stakeholder to disseminate 2000 stoves