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East Africa Climate Innovation Network (EACIN)

With funding from InfoDev, World Bank, ACTS has established the East Africa Climate Innovation Network (EACIN). The project commenced in Jan 2012 to Dec 2012. It was extended for 6 months to June 2013.  EACIN is a network of technology institutions, entrepreneurs, business incubators and other partners within the East African Community that support the development of businesses and market for climate technologies.  The network aimed at facilitating sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices in climate change adaptation technology innovations. Countries that were identified as partner countries for this network are Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. ACTS worked in partnership with East African Regional partners including University of Dar es salaam (Tanzania), National Agricultural Research Organization (Uganda), Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), Practical Action EA (Rwanda), Egerton University (Kenya) and international partners namely, SS-GATE and URS-UK to implement the project.

The EACIN platform specifically aims at meeting a number of goals:

  • Creating a network of institutions in East Africa to provide cutting-edge work on technologies for adaptation to climate change;
  • Brokering South-South technology transfer from suppliers in Asia to East African SMEs and thus stimulate business around cleantech;
  • Positioning the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (CIC) as a hub for all such activities through East Africa; and
  • Developing detailed models for scaling up successful EACIN activities

The project was organized around four deliverables:

  1. Adaptation to climate change
  2. Links to CIC
  3. Virtual networks/active brokering of technology transfer
  4. Developing EACIN Model

Key achievements under this project include:

  • Mapping of climate innovators and technologies in East Africa. A database for SMEs and innovators in East Africa has also been established.
  • Establishment and launch of EACIN website. SS-GATE in conjunction with ACTS engaged in the design and development of the EACIN Technology Exchange Platform (TXP) which has been hosted on the centre’s website. The website and TXP aim at facilitating sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices in climate change adaptation technology innovations and to identify potentials for scaling up.
  • Under project sourcing and matchmaking (brokering), a total of 37 projects were sourced. Eighteen of these projects were classified as “Innovations” being currently utilized across the region. Other matchmaking initiatives are on-going even after the project completion.
  • A business plan (BP) with an embedded implementation model has been developed to towards sustaining the network and activities initiated under this project.
  • Publications:
  1. Working Brief 2: Water climate adaptation innovations in East Africa
  2. Working Brief 3: Energy climate adaptation innovations in EA
  3. Handbook 1: Classification of Climate-smart Innovations in Agriculture, Water and Energy Sectors for Small and Medium-Scale Applications in Eastern Africa
  4. Handbook 2: Criteria for Assessing Climate Change Innovations in Agriculture, Water and Energy Sectors
  5. Scientific Publication 1: An Overview of Climate Adaptive Grassroots Innovations in East Africa
  6. Policy brief 1: Climate Change Innovations in East Africa: The Case of Agriculture, Water and Energy