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Project Reports

Overview of current approaches and practices of South African businesses to the mainstreaming
of biodiversityA Preliminary Baseline Assessment
Report on the Solar Energy Stakeholders’ Workshop on 11th June 2014 
By Gary W. Kerr & Wycliffe Amakobe
Report on Gasifier Cookstove Inception Workshop in Nakuru
By Wycliffe Amakobe
Report on Renewable Energy Stakeholders' Workshop
By Wycliffe Amakobe
ELCI-ACTS Greening the Fishery Economy Project
By Wycliffe Amakobe
Energy and Adaptation: Exploring how energy access can enable climate change adaptation
Bioenergy and Climate Change Report
PISCES: Status Report on Use of Fuelwood in India
PISCES: Bioenergy and Poverty in Kenya: Attitudes, Actors and Activities
PISCES: Bioenergy in Sri Lanka: Resources, Applications and Initiatives
PISCES: Promoting Sustainable Charcoal Production and Marketing in Kenya:A Comparative
Analysis through Participatory Market Mapping 
PISCES: Scale-Up and Commercialisation of Improved Cookstoves in Sri Lanka:Lessons Learnt
from the Anagi Experience
PISCES: Analysis of the Value Chain for Biogas in Tanzania Northern Zone
FAO - PISCES Case Studies: Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives Final Report-Updated 2 April 2009 with
corrections to Case Study 9 summary and Case Studies 6 and 15.