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Africa Data Revolution Report 2016

Highlighting developments in African data ecosystems

African countries pledged to achieve sustainable development and inclusive growth for all following the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Agenda 2063. The need for timely and quality data to inform the two agendas exerts pressure on the national statistical systems more than ever before. While much progress has been made in past decades to strengthen national statistical systems for evidence- based decision making, countries still face challenges in many areas. The data required for monitoring progress toward the ambitious and aspirational global and continental development agendas is unprecedented both in scope and granularity with which the data should be collected.

Technological advancement, growing recognition of individual rights for information and knowledge, the spread of open data initiatives, and increasing involvement of various non-traditional data stakeholders offer opportunities to meet data challenges for the implementation and monitoring of the development priorities at global, regional and national levels.

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Africa Data Revolution Report 2016