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Clean cookstove award won due in part to ACTS’ project research

Our partners in the LCT project at United International University (UIU) in Bangladesh won first prize at a Power and Energy Hackathon organised by the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources in Bangladesh last week. They won with their fan driven improved cookstove design that is currently being piloted in Kenya by RECI with mentoring support from ACTS. 

The project was the work of Prof. Rezwan Khan, Vice Chancellor of UIU in Bangladesh, his Research Assistant, Arif Talukder and several undergraduate students.  The prize money is USD 650 (Taka 50,000).

The research for the fan and the mentorship support provided to RECI to pilot the fan in Kenya is funded by the UK’s EPSRC-DFID USES programme (EP/L022311/1).  The project is led by SPRU at the University of Sussex and involves a consortium of partners: the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), Gamos Ltd, Institute for Transformative Technologies, United International University and Nairobi Women’s Hospital.