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Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective


ACTS is pleased to announce the book “Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective” is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

This comprehensive volume describes how ecosystem services-based approaches can assist in addressing major global and regional water challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and water security in the developing world, by integrating scientific knowledge from different disciplines, such as hydrological modelling, environmental economics, psychology and international law.

 Empirical assessments at the national, catchment and regional levels are used to critically appraise this systemic approach, and the merits and potential limitations are presented. The practicalities of this approach with regard to water resources management, nature conservation, and sustainable business practices are discussed, and the role of society in underpinning the concept of ecosystem services is explored. Presenting new insights and perspectives on how to shape future strategies, this contributory volume is a valuable reference for researchers, academics, students and policy makers, in environmental studies, hydrology, water resource management, ecology, environmental law, policy and economics, and conservation biology.

Dr. Joël Houdet, ACTS Senior Research Fellow and South African Representative, lead the chapter entitled “The water ecosystem services approach: risks and opportunities for businesses”.

The book will be launched at a Special Session at the Water World Congress XV on May 27 in Edinburgh (http://worldwatercongress.com/).