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ACTS ranked among top 25 most influential Think Tanks in the world

The International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) has published the results of its 2013 “Climate Think Tank Ranking” of the most cutting-edge institutions working in the field of climate change economics and policy where ACTS was ranked top 25. 

The ranking was based on solid quantitative methodological and analytical data. Think tanks were assessed on a set of 15 indicators structured in three main pillars: Activities, Publications and Dissemination.

The Activities pillar measures the influence of research findings on policy, managerial and professional practices, social behavior or public discourse; the Publication pillar measures the research output of a think tank in terms of peer-reviewed publications (quantity and quality) and working paper/reports/policy briefs; the Dissemination pillar was a new criterion in this second edition, which ICCG added in recognition of the importance for think tanks to disseminate their research through international events and web channels. Please click here for more details