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Pan-African Business and Biodiversity Forum

Date: 9th - 10th October 2015.

Location: The Royal Senchi Resort, Senchi Ferry Road, Akosombo, Ghana

Natural capital (biodiversity and ecosystem services) underpins all life forms and business operations worldwide. Africa is uniquely endowed with vast and varied natural capital, perhaps capable of resourcing twice its current human population. The economic realities of most Africa countries, characterized by increasing poverty and degradation of the natural capital, suggests otherwise. The sustainability of businesses is equally threatened by poor consideration of natural capital in policy processes and development planning.

To advance an inclusive development that values natural capital in Africa and for Africans, the Pan-African Business and Biodiversity Forum will initiate constructive dialogue in four thematic areas: extractive industries, sustainable agriculture, energy-nature nexus, natural capital accounting. 

Furthermore, the Forum will promote much needed intra and inter sectoral collaborations among key stakeholders, such as companies, government, civil society, finance sector and development institutions, towards enhanced regional integration for Africa’s development. 

A road map for the establishment of National and Sub-regional Business and Biodiversity Networks will be launched at the Forum. These Networks will inform frameworks for multi-sectoral collaborations, building on existing partnerships at national, regional and international level.

ACTS is a PABBF partner and will lead the session “Natural Capital Accounting” and will be co-hosting the “extractive industries” session.

We also intend to co-draft the forthcoming Akosombo Declaration to be launched on day 2 of the PABBF forum. Click here for more information.