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The 4th Kenyan Climate Change Science, Technology and Policy Roundtable

@ACTSNET  #ACTSPolicyRoundtable

The 4th Kenya Climate Change Science, Technology and Policy Roundtable will be held on Wednesday the 19th of August 2015 at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi from 2-4pm. The session will focus on Climate Finance. 

This Roundtable comes after the 1st Roundtable held on the 26th of November, the 2nd Roundtable held on the 26th Feb 2015 and the 3rd Roundtable on 27th May. This Roundtable shall provide a platform for experts and practitioners to examine and explore research evidence for use in climate finance strategies. The Roundtable will bring together at least 40 participants including leading climate scientists, think tanks and key policymakers engaged in climate finance at all levels of government to engage in a free, open and frank sharing of ideas.

Issues for discussion at the Roundtable


  • International and domestic mobilization strategies applied by Kenya [e.g how can will stakeholders leverage adaptation funding to local communities].
  • Opportunities and challenges in mobilization 


  • Efficient utilization of climate finance
  • Tracking, monitoring and evaluation

Policy environment

  • Institutional arrangements (GCF, Adaptation Fund, Kenya’s proposed Climate Change Fund)
  • Sectoral cooperation and coordination
  • Transparency
  • Equitable allocation of climate finance and a criteria for identification of priority areas and interventions
  • Strengthening of absorptive capacities of recipients for efficient utilization as well  as transparency and accountability
  • Establishment of a functional climate finance mechanism
  • Role of public-private partnerships for enhancing resilience and promoting low carbon development.

About the Roundtable Series

The policy roundtables are a series of 4 roundtables on climate change science, technology and policy. The roundtables bring together policymakers, community members, civil society, research organizations, academia, national government and local government representatives to share ideas and dialogue on use of evidence from research in policy and formulation development.

The project seeks to bridge the gap between research and policy making on climate change in Kenya and to strengthen the links between Kenyan climate policymakers, researchers and think tanks. The project also seeks to document and disseminate case studies on effective mechanisms for facilitating the use of research evidence in climate change legislation, policy formulation and implementation in Kenya.

The roundtables are informed by the Kenya Climate change Bill, 2014 which recently passed through the National Assembly and Senate as well as the draft climate change policy set to be gazetted by the Ministry of Environment. Other policy and legal frameworks that have a bearing on the series include Kenya’s constitution, Vision 2030, the county integrated plans of development and the recently submitted INDC for Kenya among others.

The project is supported by the Vakayiko grant of the International Network for the Advancement of Scientific Publications (INASP)

To follow the Roundtable proceedings please follow our twitter handle @ACTSNET and the hashtag #ACTSPolicyRoundtable