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Bioenergy Sustainability Criteria Awareness Workshop on 27th Oct 2014 at the Boma Hotel, Nairobi

The African Centre for Technology Studies in collaboration with KEBS and other partners in the Technical Bionergy Committee are hosting the ‘Bioenergy Sustainability Criteria Awareness Workshop on the 27 Oct 2014 at the Boma Hotel in Nairobi.

Recent studies suggest that there is indeed a strong correlation between energy access and sustainable socio-economic development of a country. However, the manner in which energy is converted and consumed can have adverse effects on the environment and world climatic conditions. The production and use of bioenergy have potential roles in mitigating climate change, promoting energy security and fostering sustainable development. Kenya uses various forms of bioenergy like solid biofuels (woodcutting, briquettes, charcoal) and biogas. This extensive use has led to concerns about the sustainability of bioenergy production and utilization in the country.

The Bioenergy Technical Sub-Committee led by KEBS and which includes ACTS in its membership has been actively participating in the development of an International Standard on Bioenergy sustainability criteria which will be presented at this forum to raise awareness on bioenergy sustainability.

Guest speakers will include representatives of government institutions, industry players, research institutions and international standardization experts among other key development partners. The forum will be an opportunity to engage all stakeholders in the industry, both local and regional, on sustainable development of the bioenergy sector in the country.