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Snapshot of ACTS Alumni  - Where are they now?

Prof. Goran Hyden
Formerly ACTS Governing
Council chair.
Now Distinguished
Professor Emeritus at
University of Florida.

Dr. Chris Higgins
Formerly Research Fellow,
ACTS, Now in the process of
getting adjunct Professor
status through the Institute
of African Studies at Carleton

Dr. Evans Kituyi
Formerly Research Fellow,
ACTS, Now Senior Program
Specialist at IDRC|CRDI

Mr. Victor Orindi
Formerly Research Fellow,
ACTS, Now Climate Change
Advisor,National Drought
Management Authority
(NDMA) Kenya.

Dr. Godber W. Tumushabe
Formerly Research Fellow,
ACTS, Now, Associate
Director,Great Lakes
Institute for Strategic 
Studies (GLiSS)
Dr. Steven Mutimba
Formerly Research Fellow, ACTS,    
Now,  Managing Director 
Camco, Kenya.
Dr. Hezron Mogaka
Formerly Research Fellow, ACTS,   
Now Programme
Manager Natural Resource
Management & Biodiversity
Dr. Maurice Bolo
Former Research Fellow, ACTS,   
Now Executive
Director Scinnovent
Mr. Shadrack Kirui
Formerly Research Fellow, ACTS,   
Now, Technical Officer for
Renewable Energy at 
Community Development
Trust Fund (CDTF).
Mrs. Catherine Mwango 
Formerly Deputy Executive
Director, Finance & Admin at ACTS 
Now,Executive director KWAHO