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Charles Tonui - Research Assistant


As a Research Assistant, Tonui assists with research and project management in projects under Climate Change, Water and Food Security programme. Tonui actively participates in climate change discussions at local, national, regional and international level that aim to create awareness, enhance capacity and try to shape policies to facilitate integration of climate change into plans, projects & programmes in Africa. Tonui has co-authored several climate change articles with other scholars.Tonui joined ACTS as a Research Intern in April 2009. He holds a BSc Degree in Environmental Science from Egerton University and currently pursuing Master in Environmental Planning and Management at Kenyatta University.

Other areas of expertise: Environmental conservation, climate innovation and entrepreneurship (business plan development using triple-bottom approach), lifelong learning and livelihoods diversification

Tonui is involved in the implementation of:
  • Capacity Strengthening in the Least Developed Countries on Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Climate Compatible Development, Food Security and National Climate Change Response Strategy
  • Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa
  • East African Climate Innovation Network
  • International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development
  • Lifelong Learning for Livelihoods for Farmers and environment
  • SEED Award Winners Support initiative

Tonui has co-authored the following publications:

  • Fundacian Vida, African Centre for Technology Studies, Bangladesh Centre for Advance Studies, Germanwatch & Perspectives Climate Change (2012) Synthesis Paper ‘Agriculture. Food Security and Climate Compatible Development- Case Studies’
  • Koelle, B. Oettle, N, Parring, S, Lissel, A and Kotze, D. (2010) Farmers Moving Towards Resilience Suid Bokkeveld Case Study on Climate Change Adaptation, South Africa. Wakhungu, J, Nyukuri, E, & Tonui, C, (Eds). ACTS Press, Nairobi.
  • Nanduddu, S (2010) Lived Experiences: Adaptation to Climate Change in Gogonyo Sub-county, Palisa District, Uganda. Wakhungu, J, Nyukuri, E, & Tonui, C, (Eds). ACTS Press, Nairobi.
  • Rono, F, Tonui, C, Nderitu, S & Kirui, S (2012) ‘Could ICT be the solution to woo youth to agriculture? ACTS Press, Nairobi.
  • Wakhungu, J, Muok, B, Adwera, A and Tonui, C (2012) Case Study on Climate Compatible Development in Agriculture for Food Security in Kenya. ACTS press, Nairobi.
  • Wakhungu, J, Muok, B, Tonui. C. & Kirui, S (2010) Bioenergy and Climate Change: A case study of Oyola and Wakesi village, Kisumu, Nyando basin. ACTS, Kenya
  • Wakhungu, J, Nyukuri, E, Tonui. C. and Ongor, D. (2010) Oyola and Wakesi in Kenya: Locals Adapting to Effects of Climate Change. ACTS press, Nairobi.
  • Zvigadza, S., Mharadza, G., and Ngena, S. (2010) Communities and Climate Change: (2010). Building Local Capacity for Adaptation in Goromonzi District, Munyawiri Ward, Zimbabwe. Wakhungu, J, Nyukuri, E, & Tonui, C, (Eds). ACTS Press, Nairobi.

Conference presentations:

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